Our Rules

Rules at Arcade Traffic Exchange Network 1. All sites are screened prior to approval. Only arcade and arcade related sites will be accepted. 2. The following types of sites are NOT allowed to participate in the network: Sites containing pornographic material, sites with links to pornographic sites, sites encouraging illegal activities or racism, sites providing instructions or discussions on performing illegal activities, sites engaged in libelous or harassing activities, sites that are regarded as inappropriate to arcade sites. We reserve the right to refuse any site. 3. All sites are screened prior to approval. We reserve the right to reject any site. 4. You agree to post the HTML code only on sites that belong to the network. The HTML code may not be modified. Any account not displaying the html code will be deleted. 5. The HTML Code must be visible on a 1024x728 screen resolution without the need to scroll in any direction. 6. Anti-cheat protection enabled and can tell if you are clicking the banner that is displayed on your site. You will not earn credits for clicking on your own banner. 7. Purchased credits are not refundable. 8. The free banners may only be used in the Arcade Traffic Network. They may not be used any place else. 9. We reserve the right to terminate your account for any reason. 10. These rules may be modified at any time.